Skin Diving Courses


PADI Skin Diver

The PADI Skin Diver course is also known to most people as snorkeling, but this course isn't just about snorkeling. It combines the science of breath holding skin diving with useful problem management skills and proper use of equipment into a comprehensive training program!


During this course you'll learn about skin diving gear, the science behind diving, the aquatic environment and problem management. In addition, you'll have opportunities to practice techniques of breath hold skin diving, proper water entrance, checking your buoyancy, surface swimming and snorkel clearing.


Our goal is to increase your confidence in the water; skin diving is your window to the underwater world! If you'ren't sure skin diving is for you, or you would like to learn more about this sport, check out our Snorkeling page.


Course Price:

  • 75 Euros per student
  • 25 Euros PADI certificate

Course Includes:

  • Mask, snorkel & fins
  • Use of training material from our library
  • 1 full day snorkeling *unlimited from boat
  • Round trip transfers from your hotel
  • Sales tax & administration fees

Course Prerequisites:

  • No age limit
  • Be in general good health
  • Be comfortable in water & able to swim
  • Complete applicable course forms required by PADI