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Daily diving trips are made on our boat Terri II. Round trip transfers from your hotel to the harbor and back are included – no transfer fees. Morning transfers start from the reception of your hotel, usually around 08:00 hours. Each trip on the boat starts with a short briefing from your dive guide, to review onboard safety features and services.

On the way to the first dive site, you prepare your scuba gear for the first dive and your dive guide will give you a comprehensive dive briefing for the morning dive. Depending on the dive site selected, the first dive starts around 10:00 hours.
After the first dive, hot lunch is served during the surface interval. Anytime the boat is anchored, and the engines are off, swimming and snorkeling are permitted.
Around 14:00 hours we move to a different dive site. The second dive briefing is given and the afternoon dive is conducted.  After the second dive, our boat returns to the harbor, normally around 16:00 hours and we transfer you back to your hotel. Your scuba gear is returned to our diving center where it is rinsed in fresh water, dried and prepared for the next day.

NIGHT DIVING From the Beach
Our night dives are usually conducted at our favorite house reef at Ramoza Beach. This reef offers splendid night diving! We sometimes conduct dives near the Susanna wreck, if a moderate surface swim under a moon lit sky interest you! It generally takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the wreck but it’s worth the extra effort. On occasion, sleeping turtles have been spotted near this wreck on night dives. The marine life at night is splendid and the wreck itself is easy to observe without penetrating it.
When a more tranquil dive is more appealing, the local house reef will not be a disappointment. It’s home to vast colonies of aquatic life and soft colorful coral.  Starting from the beach, the topography is a very long gradual slope reaching a maximum depth of 15 meters, where night dives are conducted. When the water is calm, which is usually the case, the visibility is incredible!
If you’ve never experienced night diving before, this is the place to try it. You’ll soon find yourself totally overcome with the nocturnal marine life and the vibrant color of the coral! Night diving from our boat is another opportunity to dive local reefs. The main advantage of night diving from our boat is your chances to see larger marine life increasing significantly. NIGHT DIVING From our BoatIncrease your chances to see even more exciting marine life inhibiting the outer reefs and enjoy the convenience of night diving from a boat! We offer night diving from our boat to some of the best reefs near Hurghada.

If your holiday time or budget is limited and you are interested in experiencing what it’s like to be on a liveaboard, consider going on an overnight trip on our boat. This is a great way to celebrate special occasions or just get away from the crowds for a night. We also offer special over day wreck diving trips that includes the famous Thistlegorm and Abu Nuhas with two wrecks. Then, make a night dive near Hurghada before returning to the harbor.

For divers with medical problems prohibiting them from boat diving or seasickness related problems, beach diving options are available. Local beaches are sand covered with outdoor furniture and shade umbrellas. If you’re on holiday with a non-diver and want to spend a day together, a day on the beach may be more suitable. Our dive guide can take you for a dive, while your partner relaxes on the beach, swims or snorkels. It’s a perfect alternative for divers and non-divers to spend the day together with different interests!

Snorkeling opportunities are included on every day on our day boat trips.  We think snorkeling should be more than just gazing underwater through a piece of plastic – it is your window to the beautiful underwater world! For more information visit our Snorkeling page.

Popular requests from return customers and seasoned divers are liveaboard trips. These trips to extraordinary dive sites throughout the Red Sea. It gives experienced divers the opportunity to dive many favorite sites otherwise out of the daily diving range and away from the crowds. For more details visit our Liveaboards page or contact us.
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If you have questions regarding our daily diving services you may want to visit our Daily Diving FAQ page which offers answers to most frequently asked questions we receive.

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